Do you want a wired or wireless security camera?

Wireless cameras are easy to install and reposition, but you’ll want to check the battery levels periodically to ensure you’re fully protected. Wired units usually require professional installation and access to a power outlet, but tend to provide clearer images than their wireless counterparts.

Does the camera have pan/tilt/zoom features?

Cameras with remote controlled pan, tilt and zoom are ideal for providing coverage to larger areas and allow the user to get the best viewing angle possible without having to physically reposition the camera.

Do you want a camera with energy saving features?

Surveillance cameras can eat up a lot of energy, but if you find a model that only records when motion is detected, it can help to cut down on operating costs. Many models will even send you push or email notifications when something out of the ordinary is detected, so you don’t need to be continually monitoring yourself.

Will you need to add more cameras as time goes on?

It is important to choose IP cameras which connect over a wireless network allowing you to easily grow and scale any installation as you need. Adding IP cameras to a network works in much the same way as adding a phone to a VOIP network – it’s simple and easy and there’s no wiring to change or update. 

What parts of your business could benefit from effective surveillance and monitoring?

Surveillance systems benefit businesses by not only monitoring theft, but increasing staff safety and confirming incidents. With the knowledge that they’re being protected, employees are more likely to feel safe.

The portrayal of events provided by a surveillance system is also valuable for confirming incidents such as theft, work place violence, property damage and vandalism. This information is essential when suing for damages or reporting to law enforcement.

But having a good surveillance system can bring benefits not just in terms of security and monitoring, but also in wider business operations and analytics.

In industries such as retail, for example, the ability for surveillance systems to provide data and customer insights is changing the way that not only security departments work, but also marketing, customer service and IT departments, providing valuable insights to help vastly improve customer experience and profitability.

For example, understanding how customers move throughout a shop is crucial to how products are laid out in the store and advanced features such as facial recognition can be used to estimate attributes such as the gender and age of shoppers.

These capabilities can allow store owners to not only better understand the profile of their shoppers, but they also enable targeted advertising to be implemented to help display the most relevant products to their target market. 

How much do you want to spend?

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