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As we begin 2020 the new decade, security and video surveillance will
become the most prominent aspect of the Nigerian security sector and
also globally, also the high demand of video surveillance will keep
increasing drastically day after day in the present scenario. From homes
to smart cities, from retail mega-markets, shopping malls to stadiums;
video surveillance has become a prevalent sensation. Every year, the
surveillance system installations keeps increasing rapidly and
correspondingly, the security video & image data generated in the size
of several petabytes are also escalating to new levels. However, in most
cases, such security tapes are just stored in big lumps. Or the storage
space is rewritten after a fixed time interludes. Thus, even if we want
to analyze such large amount of data & video feeds for actionable
intelligence, hundreds of human operators would be required to do so.

The Future of Security in Capturing Accurate Data

Video analytics are a high-tech network of surveillance cameras that can
aid various security outfits and the police department in reporting

For huge volumes of video archives, conventional analysis and storage
methods have proven to be ineffective. It can never lead to prompt
action and analysis. In many manifestations, data archives need to be
stored for duration extending from a few months to years for compliance
purposes. And this ends up in adding up to the life-cycle charges of
video monitoring solutions. Therefore, just installing a surveillance
camera system is not truly fruitful. It needs to be complemented with
the physical security staff.

Benefits OF Video Analytics As-a-service (VAaaS)

This is where cloud-based (VAaaS) Video Analytics As-a-service comes
into place. VAaaS Video Analytics As-a-service can offer remarkable
advantages over independent video surveillance. The video analytic
solutions are software based and are typically deployed on the
infrastructure like that of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud
Platform. These frameworks are proficient enough in discerning ambiguous
patterns in the safety context. Technologies, for instance, Google Cloud
Vision API, are trained to read texts, recognize human faces, and
identify objects, emotions, and key landmarks.

When the software based video analytic solutions are combined with
standalone surveillance systems, then these measures can host a whole
new range of physical security use cases. Some of these are; advanced
object tracking, loitering detection, perimeter defense, intrusion
detection, human traffic flow, trip wire counting, crowd density
management, people counting, face indexing and audience profiling. These
solutions will not only minimize the need for physical security teams
but will also qualify security personnel with applicable intelligence.

Trading Privacy for Safety.

Trading privacy rights for public safety is an uncomfortable idea this
is because there are currently no general, legal enforceable rules to
limit privacy invasions and protect against abuse of CCTV systems but
effective and measurable laws are needed to prevent abusers from
stepping over the line.

The Impact
Video Analytics As-a-service (VAaaS) has great potential and also it
contributes to fast and accurate footage searches, reduces the number of
human operators, and helps prevent potential crimes. But to successfully
implement a video surveillance program that helps the city, the program
needs to win people’s approval. The only way to do so is with
appropriate surveillance laws in place and city law enforcers proving
they can protect the public’s safety in a way that does not violate
their privacy.

Video Analytics As-a-service (VAaaS) will need substantial system
integration efforts involving various components consisting of the
camera, the back-end storage, processing systems as well as the
transmission network. It is of great benefit for the optimization and
innovation on, the technological and commercial, platforms.  The present
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